In Development


Project Czar Short Film

Producer: Dayle Saunders     Director: Andrew Walker

Currently in development and shot in Newcastle Upon Tyne’s Lit and Phil Society, Project Czar follows one man’s struggle to decide between doing what he’s told and what he believes is right.  A moral dilemma set against the backdrop of Cold War politics. Currently in post production and will soon be entering the festival circuit. With Steve Wraith.


Magic Short Film

Producer: Andrew Walker     Director & Writer: Dayle Saunders

Currently in pre-production development, Magic is going to be shot in Manchester this year. The story follows a terrible but ambitious magician.


Moreland's Firm

Moreland’s Firm is a gangland drama set and produced in the North East of England. Michael Moreland must strike a balance between his home and work life. Can he stop his life of organised crime from seeping into his family and maintain his leadership? What does it take to get knocked off the top?

A project years in the making, Moreland’s Firm is the creation of Tyneside local Danny Cox. Having originally lost the script he then found it and decided to start work on it once more. As the project has grown so has the team and is now being made with the help of several parties from not only the North East but all over the UK. The project is currently under commissioning review.